So, recently I tweeted out a poll on Twitter to try and find out what my followers’ favourite muscle group to train is.

I split the poll into four possible answers: Arms, Chest, Back or Legs. From my mighty 298 strong following I recieved…wait for it….16 votes!


A big response from my adoring fans…


Whilst this obviously isn’t enough to establish an accurate response, it did give me an insight into what people around my age enjoyed training.

The aim of many gym-goers is to gain a set of bulky arms, complete with biceps which feel even the baggiest of tops.

So the fact arms came out top on my poll didn’t surprise me at all – heck I would have voted for arms!


Arms won?! No way….oh and this isnt a picture of my arm just incase you…never mind


Infact, I would have only swapped legs and back in terms of what I predicted. I think training legs – which was once skipped by many – has gained more popularity in recent times…but what do I know…

But I knew the feedback I gathered wasn’t enough so I did some research and came across two more polls on two forums: Muscle and Strength and Bodybuilding.


Poll 3

Click the poll for a closer look!


Poll 2

Click the poll for a closer look!



These two polls lead to some very interesting results. In the first poll from Muscle and Fitness, the results correlate to the ones I gathered.

Chest and Biceps are top, taking up 41.33% of the entire votes. Surprisingly upper legs takes the bronze prize just ahead of shoulders.

Perhaps the fact the next poll is taken from a website called Bodybuilding may explain why ‘back’ takes the top spot.


You okay pal?


Deadlifts are massively popular in the bodybuilding community, so maybe 54 votes are from them giant lads who can be heard grunting from a mile away.

Shoulders once again get shunned to towards the bottom of the pile, which in my eyes classes them as the most underrated muscle to train.

Once thing is for sure…people don’t like training abs! I guess I am an exception to that rule as I always add 10 minutes of core on the end of most of my sessions.

So what is the most popular muscle?

After adding up all the data and going through some basic mathematics this is the final table from the two polls I found…


Click the pie chart for a closer look!

What’s your favourite muscle group to train? Let me know in the comments!






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