One of the worst bulking misconceptions is you have free reign to eat, and eat, and eat some more, disregarding the content of sugar, fat and carbs. Eating a Big Mac meal on a daily basis isn’t going to make you look like a greek god. More like Ronald McDonald…

While eating a substancial amount of calories a day is vital to the growth of muscle and size, there is a wrong and a right way to go about it.

Consuming the wrong food in large quantities may see you put on size, but you may soon begin to grow visceral fat around your gut. Increasing training volume and calorie intake with the right kind of foods will bring the best rewards.

Bulking healthily is all about eating an excess of foods which will minimise fat gain and maximise muscle growth, along with keeping your metabolism, joints and heart in top shape.


‘Dirty Bulking’, as it’s most commonly referred to, is the process of putting on mass via the consumption of literally any foods within reach. This method was more common in the 70’s and 80’s, with the idea that any food is acceptable as long as it aided weight gain.

An example of a Dirty Bulk meal plan is pretty hard to read – never mind swallow…


Meal 1

  • Pop-Tarts 4 Pop-Tarts 

Meal 2

  • Big Macs 2 Big Macs 
  • French fries Large French fries 
  • cola Large Cola 

Meal 4

Daily Total:

Calories: 5,458
Total Fat: 207 g (34%)
Total Carbs: 681 g (50%)
Protein: 212 g (15.5%)

As someone who is technically classed as a ‘hard gainer’, I am well aware of the side effects and damage that dirty bulking can bring. High blood pressure,fat gain and the risk of diabetes later in life are all things linked as potential problems.
Before changing up my diet the idea of eating what I wanted, disregarding content, crossed my mind once or twice. But after recommendations from friends who had been in my position, as well as doing research on the topic, I just couldn’t face classing a Big Mac as a snack!


The modern day mass building way is ‘clean bulking’, in which low fats and high protein content foods are essential. Because diet makes up 80% fat loss, with the other 20% through training, it is vital to stick to a well balanced and nutritional meal plan.

Meal 1

Meal 3

Meal 4

Daily Total

Calories 3,345
Total Fat 73 g (20%)
Total Carbs 385 g (47%)
Protein 272 g (33%)

Eating lean meats such as chicken and turkey, accompined with a carbohydrate such as brown rice or pasta and vegetables can provide the perfectly balanced bulking meal too. A few nights ago I had my own attempt of cooking a clean bulking meal…


Fat: 9.7g

Carbs: 131.7g

Protein: 63.2g

Calories: 842






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