So I felt it was about time I showed you all how far I have come so far on my journey. It’s been a long and sometimes tough six months, but I am proud of the changes I have made in my life.


1AUGUST 2015

This photo was the wake-up call I desperately needed! I had so many people telling me how skinny I was but I just didn’t buy it. If anything I thought I was putting weight on at this stage..

If I recall correctly this was taken a week or so before I started weight training. As you can imagine the first session wasn’t the most pleasant. I couldn’t move my arms for a week!

Weight: 12st 3lb


A month in and I was still managing to make the trip to the gym up to five times a week. I was pleasantly surprisingly myself as deep down I doubted my will power and commitment.

Out of all the weeks I have been training I can say without hesitation that these were the hardest. The early stages are filled with moments of doubt and low self-esteem – not to mention the lack of evident progress.

A month in and you can see I have put a bit of weight on…well at least my rib-cage isn’t as visible!

Weight: 12st 5lb


Two months down the line and there are signs I have made progress since the summer. My ribcage is back making a special appearance, but my body looks more toned than it was in September.

This was the month I knew that I would be continuing what I was doing for a long time. The feeling I got after a good session was the same satisfaction I got when I completed a long run.

At this stage I could also feel myself getting stronger as I started moving up the weight rack. Still got a pigeon chest mind…

Weight: 12st 8


With the cold winter nights drawing in I’m sure I was not alone in having a drop in4 motivation. This was the month which I knew I would be attending several events; therefore I knew I wouldn’t be as consistent as the months prior to December.

Despite this I felt I trained well enough and saw more progress by the time new year rolled around. Obviously a few pounds had been gained thanks to the copious amount of food and drink over Christmas – something which I was not complaining about in the slightest.

My transformation from running to weight training had got off to a great start, and I knew that 2016 would be a big year.

Weight: 12st 10


5The yearly January slump in fitness had not bitten me this time around, with this month being my most productive yet.

After returning to the gym five times a week, as I had been before Christmas, my attitude and determination levels rose to new heights.

My arms were in a much better place than they were in August, along with my shoulders, however my chest and lats are two points I need to focus on in the coming months.

Weight: 13 stone 1


So here we are today! Six months since I began my journey I feel I have made significant progress. I have gained just shy of a full stone thanks to a change in my diet – coupled with consistent training.6

Now where do I go from here? My ideal weight is 14 stone, but I don’t feel that is achievable in the near future due to my rapid metabolism! So the short term goal is 13 stone 5 by the summer, which I feel I am firmly on course to hit.

These first six months of training have only been the start of what is going to be a long road. The picture on the right may not impress a lot of people, but for me its a massive achievement.

Current weight: 13 stone 2







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