The past few weeks have seen a change in my routine and I can’t deny that I have been affected. Due to the new multi-million pound gym opening this week at Teesside University, I have stuttered through this week as I have attempted to get my bearings.

THE GYM: The new facility which cost £2.75m

NEW HOME: Not a bad effort from Teesside University


Last week the Brittain Building (now the old gym) was closed due to equipment being moved, so I had to improvise and get my fix elsewhere. Luckily there isn’t exactly a shortage of gyms in the area so I found myself reverting between Lifestyle Fitness and Spectrum Leisure Centre.

It’s not ideal to be gym hopping so much – with different equipment and layouts something I found difficult to adjust too. Understandably I had become used to the small and intimate gym I had been using for six months, so change was always going to throw a spanner in the works.


In good news, the new gym the University have invested heavily is brilliant. It is still in it’s infant days however, so there is still a lot of equipment that isn’t currently in place. It hasn’t been easy getting a bench or a spot on a lifting rack I can tell you that!

But I’m sure I’ll get into the swing of things in my new surroundings in the coming weeks, so this recent blip should only be a momentary thing. Here’s hoping the next six months are as productive as the last!

Oh, and while I have your attention why not take a look at the story I produced about the new gym. It’s made the back page of the latest edition of the Tside paper…



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