Before I stepped back into what I once regarded as the dark side of the gym, I already had some idea of what was required in order to meet fitness and body goals. So before we continue it’s important we go over some background details.

Believe it or not I actually worked in a gym as a leisure attendant for eight months back in 2013. It was a leisure centre I had been associated with since my younger years, with many birthday parties being hosted inside it’s four walls.

My role of a leisure attendant required me to do the basics: cleaning, reception work and serving cheeky youngsters sugary confectionary. The shining beacon of my time there was spent delivering exercise classes, ranging from spinning to circuits.


Taking a mid-workout photo as an excuse to have a break

The experience of working in a gym, and working within a fitness orientated environment, allowed me to gain an insight into the importance of two key factors: routine and consistency.

Oh, and during my eight months I was free to use the gym at any time free of charge. I used it twice…

Okay, now that I’m done getting side-tracked and reminiscing about my ‘exciting’ past ventures, let me explain why all that was relevant.

I didn’t want to make the rookie mistake of focusing on one body part, and knew that working each core muscle on varying days was the best way to reach my long term goals. I didn’t actually have a specific routine in mind, but I managed to stumble across some sort of order.

Monday: Shoulders

Tuesday: Chest and Biceps

Wednesday: Back and Triceps/Cardio

Thursday: Legs and Core

Friday: Arms

Saturday: Optional

Sunday: Rest Day


Above is my normal weekly routine that I have pieced together over the course of the past few months. Some weeks I will be unable to make it to the gym certain days, and sometimes I will feel I need to mix it up and work a different muscle on a given day.

The idea of being flexible is something which I have discovered is vital, as boredom could creep into my workouts and that is a cardinal sin. If I feel like doing back on a Monday then I will, or if I feel like having a day off then I will.


An empty gym is a good gym


I think the most important factor for anyone who is exercising or working towards a fitness goal is consistency. Without it, then your routine could be affected to the point where you start to lose interest.

Luckily for me, as a student, I am in a position where I have the time to attend the gym on a daily basis with no complications. The gym I use, on campus at Teesside University, is literally a stone’s throw away from where I attend seminars and lectures.

Obviously consistency will be more difficult for people who have full-time jobs, but even twenty minutes here and there is better than nothing.

So before I start to sound like I’m preaching (as I know I’m in position to do so), I’ll leave you with a quote…




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