Mission Muscle is not as serious as it sounds for a start, so don’t worry, you haven’t come across the blog of a pumped up, steroid barking gym ‘LAD’. This blog is here to show (attempt to) that even the slimmest of males out there can gain a bit of muscle and generally feel better about their body.

I myself am the epitome of a slim male, or was last summer when you would need a magnifying glass to spot a sign of muscle on my body. Since then I have taken a stern look in the mirror and feel like I have made significant progress. But there is still a long way to go.

Using the power of technology (the camera on my phone) I will give you an insight into my progress, my food intake, how I have changed my way of exercising and discuss why we exercise in the first place.

So grab your dumbbells (optional) and join me as I try to complete ‘Mission Muscle 2016’.






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